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Glisten (The Black Swan Files Book 2)

The Award-Winning Series is back!

The Black Swan Files continue with GLISTEN.

She is known as Project Sunday to her former government captors—a human-enhanced teen transformed by a black swan event. She was their most valuable asset—until she escaped. Now, only one thing is certain…Jocelyn has no intention of ever going back.

Graeme knew Jocelyn was special the first time he met her. Then, leaping from his Porsche to take down a drone, she pretty much sealed the deal. Months later, she has come back into his life and trouble is not far behind. But how do you help someone who won't tell you the truth, is constantly on the move, and has a best friend that you want to punch in the face? As the stakes get higher and his own family is at risk, Graeme has to decide one thing...whose side is he on?

Finally in New York, Jocelyn is eager to reach her brother and sister, but nothing works out as she hoped. She has no way to prove who she is, there's a serial killer who wants her dead, her former handler is now controlled by her nemesis, and the mastermind of it all is toying with her. Amidst everything, she is trying to survive in the “real world,” help her family in secret, and navigate her first shot at romance.

Thankfully, she has friends with skills. It will take all of them to stop the government's latest plot.

But at what cost?

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