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Rose from the Ashes (The Lenokin Series Book 1)


Caalan Freegard, warrior prince of Lenokin, is charged with bringing peace to the haunted souls of the dead, which keeps him pretty busy in this unending war. Not to mention being plagued by the soul of your dead best friend.

He failed to save her eight years ago—the same night he became homeless and an orphan—and now, can’t find a way to give her spirit peace.

Until she shows up in the flesh, beaten and broken. But alive. Very much alive.

Sofiia Throp has finally escaped her forced captivity in the human world, but her realm has changed drastically. With her former home destroyed, she must rely on the one man she tried so hard to forget, the one who abandoned her. But her shattered soul can’t trust him. Not yet.

Caalan is determined to save Sofiia this time,

battling a much more fearsome foe—herself.

Unfortunately, someone or something is hellbent on destroying them. This time,

Caalan will not fail her. And then? Then, he will end this war that has tormented his people for eight long, bloody years.

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