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Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia: A Riveting Science Fiction Adventure of Aliens, Exploration, Space Fleets, and World Building

On the remote prison planet of Rijel 12, rebellion is their only hope.

If you like Star Wars, Dune, and Battlefield Earth, you'll love Rijel 12: The Rise of New Australia.

The Intergalactic Penal Colony on Rijel 12 is a very profitable enterprise. Its desolate surface is an uninhabitable wasteland relentlessly scorched by its sun, but inside the planet is a vast treasure trove of the most precious resources in the galaxy.

The aliens and humans sentenced to Rijel 12 know it’s a one-way ticket. It used to be a convict would serve their time and come home. That stopped a while ago. Inmates are forced to work in horrible conditions and the death rate is staggering. Luckily for the warden, new inmates arrive monthly to replenish the labor pool. Business has never been better.

From the darkness of this dystopia, one prisoner decides to take a stand and begins to organize a resistance. Inmates rally to the cause and prepare for rebellion. Can the rag-tag rebels of New Australia succeed in their quest for freedom or will the warden and the overpowering might of the Interplanetary Authority's space fleet extinguish their only hope?

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