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Of Angels and Monsters (The Archangel Wars Book 5)

The war for his soul is over

Now, a new battle begins

After having only just avoided Armageddon as the Horseman of War where he led an army of angels against a horde of demons, a simple yet meaningful life is sounding really good to Alan right about now.

His personal collection of demons – depression, doubt, and anxiety – still attempt to plague him even now. With new orphan wards under his care, he attempts to find peace in helping others.

When an old foe reemerges in the streets of Chicago, the legendary dealer of death will be forced to unleash an unearthly maelstrom of destruction.

Will Alan lose himself to the battle rage or can he live the life of peace he’s longed for so long?

OF ANGELS AND MONSTERS is the long-awaited fifth installment in The Archangel Wars series. A supernatural adventure full of thrills and exciting turns that will keep you turning pages well past your bedtime.

Perfect for fans of The TempleVerse, The Templar Chronicles, and the Montague & Strong Case Files.

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