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I Stalked Him Back (Love at First Crime Book 7)

He stalked her from afar for years, so now she’s returning the favor.

I haven’t always been the best person.

I’ve rarely made the right choices.

I have a past that is painful and dark,

One I didn’t think I would survive.

But I was saved.

And finally, after going through hell,

Things are beginning to change.

I’m becoming independent again.

I’m getting stronger.

No one but I can see this.

He certainly can’t.

He’s been stalking me for a long time.

It’s his way of keeping me protected.

And I’ve let him do this.

But now it’s time the tables are turned.

Now it’s time for me to protect him.

I’m about to become the savior,

And I won’t let him down.

I can’t.

Because if I fail, then I’ll lose everything.

Stalking to save a life doesn’t sound ethical…

Then again, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

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