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Blended with Pain: Notorious Devils (Cash Bar Book 4)

Carson is a mother who has never carried a child. She’s raised Axe as her own son. He is her responsibility, but she wouldn't want her life any other way, even if it’s not exactly what she had planned.

A waitress in a small town diner. A single mother. She hides in plain sight.

Keys is a mystery to his Canadian brothers. A recent transfer from the Notorious Devils in North Dakota, and the new tech expert for the club.

His life has been one big party. No responsibilities. No relationships. No commitments.

That is, until he walks into a small diner in Texas. He recognizes her. She’s the girl from his past, and yet, she’s not--she’s all grown up.

She hides a secret that once he discovers causes rage to flow through his veins. He cannot simply let her go. He did that once--never again. Especially now that he knows the truth. He plans on keeping her as his own.

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