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Accidental Rivals: An Office Romance

A Laugh Out Loud Sexy Hate To Love Office Romance



So there we were. Two people as different as fire and ice. There's me. An ambitious, committed, head-down-no-nonsense kind of girl who doesn't need distractions in the workplace.

Then, there's him: a self-obsessed, arrogant, flirtatious, entitled, class A jerk who wastes time hanging around the water cooler flirting with my female colleagues. And I see them batting their lashes back at him. Ugh! What they see in him is beyond me.

Well, beyond his sparkling blue eyes, thick jet black hair, straight nose, strong jaw, mile-wide shoulders, muscles that flex and bunch up when he rolls up his sleeves, and that flat stomach, there's just nothing really interesting about him.

The closest I ever get to him is when he brushes past me on the way to his office. Which, of course, is perfectly fine with me.

Thankfully, I don't have to work with him. Nothing could be worse.

Then out of nowhere my boss drops his nightmare bombshell.

We have to work together!

Don't look at me like that!

It wasn't like I had a choice

It'll be painful, but I decide to grin and bear it. Closing the deal is all that matters.

Anyway, there's no way I would allow him to ruin my career.

Even if a rational woman could drown in those blue eyes, and his smooth voice makes desire flare up like wild fire through her sane body.

A full length steamy office standalone romance with guaranteed HEA.

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