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Donnan's Rose (MacLeods of Skye Book 1)

A Scottish tale of privateers, whiskey, handsome men in kilts, family and the fiery young woman who dared to love a MacLeod.

As the fourth MacLeod son, Donnan MacLeod does not have to take on the responsibilities his older siblings do. He is free to keep his business private. As a privateer he sails the channel looking for smugglers. Very elite smugglers.

It's not until he returns to Skye for his mother's birthday when Donnan begins to lose control of his life. And it's all because of a woman, the one woman he's loved since childhood. The woman he desires above all others - that is should he ever think of taking a wife.

Rosalind, strong willed and opinionated far more than most, she is determined to find out what it is Donnan is hiding. Never before had they kept things from each other, but Rosalind is convinced he's keeping something huge from her.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Stowing away in the back of Donnan's coach, Rosalind changes their lives forever. The adventure begins...

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