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Knight Shift (Knight Ops Book 5)

Fleur Sutton’s a natural brunette but now she’s a blonde. She’s also wearing blue contacts. Oh and her name’s now Rose Hutton. Because she’s on the run—from people who might kill her, and those people are her family.

After Fleur—or Rose—witnesses a murder that keeps a friend from testifying against her father, she knows she’s next. From piecing together memories of a picture-perfect childhood, she realizes she’s grown up in one of the toughest, scariest crime families in the country. Now with no resources but her wits and a mean hand at cards, she sets out to decide her own fate.

Chaz Knight is happy to kick back following a few rough Knight Ops missions and try something out of the ordinary—even if it’s on an order. When he steps into an underground gambling room and sees a polished princess beating all the sharks at their own game, he has to play his own game to get closer. Five minutes in, her presence has his dick hard and ten minutes later, his internal radars are blaring loud and clear—Rose is innocent and in need of protection.

The only game Fleur hasn’t played—and isn’t willing to start right now—is that of love, even if Chaz has a lot of pillow-talk. But when the cards hit the fan and the Feds team up with the Knights to bring down her crime family she has two choices—protect blood because it’s their creed or protect the new family who have shed blood for her.

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