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Blaire’s World Dark Romance Giveaway – Enter to Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


Special Release Price: $5.99

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6 Stories. 1 Theme. Dark Romance.

PLUS The Top 100 International Amazon Bestselling, BLAIRE Part 1 in The Dark Romance Series.


“6 dark, delicious and individually twisted books that pull you in and immerse you into a world filled with heart stopping and breathtaking moments.” Bookalicious Babes Blog, Vicki


KRISTOFF by USA Today Bestselling Author, Measha Stone

EVELINA by Bestselling Author, Ally Vance

OLIVER by Bestselling Author, Anna Edwards

SERAFINA by Bestselling Author, Skye Callahan

BEAUTY by Bestselling Author, Kirsty Dallas

LUNA & ANDRES by Bestselling Author, Nikita Slater

BLAIRE: PART 1 in The Dark Romance Series by Top 20 Amazon Bestselling Author, Anita Gray


Hey you...reader...yes, I’m talking to you. If you don’t know what BLAIRE’S WORLD is or who I am, then let me introduce myself. My name is Blaire-Markov. I’m a seasoned hacker and combatant who has been subjected to it all: human trafficking, brutal conditioning, and the most depraved forms of sexual abuse. I’ve lived, loved and lost, but do you know what? I’m still here.

I’m still fighting.

If you haven’t read my story already, then pay attention. Luna and Andres, Oliver, Serafina, Beauty, Kristoff, and Evelina, are all connected to my world. Their lives are dark, their journeys are gut-wrenching, and their stories are only just beginning. Prepare to dive into a sphere of pure, untamed, Dark Romance, and don’t expect to walk away unscathed.

Oh, and if once you’ve finished BLAIRE’S WORLD, you think you can handle me, read BLAIRE, Part 1 in The Dark Romance Series: Bought. Conditioned. Sold to the enemy—who will change my life forever.

Sincerely, the start of it all, Blaire.


BLAIRE'S WORLD is a spin-off series of 6 Dark Romance titles that derive from Anita Gray’s Top 20 Amazon Bestselling, The Dark Romance Series.

Each story in BLAIRE’S WORLD stands alone within the series, following the journey of a character from BLA1RE and/or BLAI2E, so expect to see some old faces—and some new ones.

The paperback does not contain BLAIRE Part 1 in The Dark Romance Series.

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